2012 summer wedding dress trend

posted on 05 Apr 2012 12:41 by weddingdressuk

2012 summer wedding dress trend :lace

Lace is a very important element in 2012's Spring and summer wedding dress trend,kinds of pattern lace blooming lovely and romantic, the elegant Retro feeling come back again,No matter the quality of wedding dress or just decorated all much more then before. Designers Use lace to make the full bridal gowns but not only use as accessories.

2012 Spring and summer wedding dress trend :Retro rotator cuff

Designers all take focus on Shoulders and sleeves ,Sloping shoulder design is common,also the Symmetrical shoulder,2012 Spring and summer evening dresses has it's unique characteristic,Half-sleeved and long-sleeved has appeared together with Cape sleeves and little coat , those Retro elements come back bring the new trend of 2012 Spring and summer wedding dress.

2012 Spring and summer wedding dress trend :Refreshing looming

Refreshing and light materials, just like chiffon and thin silk,this style bring a new brilliant sight at 2012 2012 Spring and summer evening dresses fashion show. many designers use Refreshing and light materials create Refreshing looming elegant beauty feelings,No matter the body or the dress style, all display us Colorful and diverse pattern.

2012 Spring and summer wedding dress trend : flowers inspiration

Dimensional petals , flower pattern, and flower hair accessories.... all the flower sea show a fairy tale story, this is an Bold and dramatic creation, Lazaro 2012 spring and evening dresses series has a big protrusion design in this pattern.

2012 Spring and summer wedding dress trend :Colourful

Clothing colour trend Render the 2011 spring and summer evening dresses. But 2012, designers pay more attention on colour accessories, like colour embroidery, or part colour step by step change. belt, gloves and head yarn all take use of this new method.




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